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News10 new results for pakistan
AP Interview: Gates says US suspicious of Pakistan bomb facility leak, but ...
Washington Post
By AP, WASHINGTON — The US is disappointed and suspicious that militants in Pakistan apparently were tipped off that American intelligence officials had discovered two of their suspected bomb-making facilities, Defense Secretary Robert Gates says. ...
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Pakistan Football Federation confident of hosting WC qualifier
FIFA has apparently rejected the request in a move welcomed by Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) secretary Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi. "We hosted Palestine and Malaysia earlier this year and both the teams returned happy, so we have proper security ...
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Rana Trial to Stall India-Pakistan Talks
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Tom Wright Peace talks between India and Pakistan, slated for the last week of June, look set to get caught up in a back-and-forth over fresh allegations from a Chicago court case that Pakistan's intelligence agency was involved in planning the ...
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Pak should give no room to terrorists: India
The Hindu
PTI Ahead of foreign secretary-level talks, India on Tuesday said it was looking to a future of peaceful co-existence on the basis of mutual trust wherein terrorists are given no room by Pakistan to undertake hostile activities against it. ...
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Pragmatic Afghan woman educates thousands
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Sakena Yacoobi's AIL has grown from a few makeshift schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the mid-1990s to an organization running schools, women's learning centers, day care centers and clinics across seven of the 34 Afghan provinces. ...
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Pakistan removes paramilitary chief over killing
ISLAMABAD, PakistanPakistan's military removed the chief of the paramilitary Rangers on Tuesday over the filmed killing of an unarmed man in a public park that shocked the nation. Security forces shot dead Sarfaraz Shah, 22, in a Karachi park on ...
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Pirates release 6 Indian sailors
Hindustan Times
The release materialised after the continuous efforts of Pakistan-based Ansar Burney Trust, which is run by Pakistan's former The Indians were among the 22 crew members of MV Suez, an Egyptian cargo vessel which was hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of ...
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China and the end of Osama
by Jabin T Jacob on June 14th, 2011 (3 hours ago) | Comments (2) It has been a little over a month since Osama bin Laden met his end in Pakistan. While the world and Pakistan have not changed all that much since then, the killing of bin Laden did ...
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US extends $ 190 mln aid for flood victims: Shaikh
Associated Press of Pakistan
ISLAMABAD, Jun 14 (APP): Federal Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs Dr.Abdul Hafeez Shaikh has said that the United States had extended $ 190 million aid to Pakistan under compensation programme for flood affected people. ...
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US probing Pakistan's new approach
By Our Correspondent | From the Newspaper The Washington Post reported that Pakistan's army and intelligence chiefs told Mr Panetta they were not willing to reverse a decision to cut the number of US troops in their country. – File Photo WASHINGTON: As ...
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Blogs5 new results for pakistan
3quarksdaily: Aid to Pakistan: Advocacy or Analysis?
By Abbas Raza
The point of departure, based on a review of the history of development assistance to Pakistan, is an uncontested matter of fact: "Since 1960, all OECD and multilateral creditors have given an inflation-adjusted total of over $100 ...
Media War Against Pakistan | Opinion Maker
By Asif H Raja
By Brig Asif Haroon Raja: While the people have not come out of the shock of two attacks in May, the foreign and local media is adding to their apprehensions by floating rumor balloons of despondency and trying to undermine the ...
Opinion Maker
Pakistan officials ousted over taped shootings | The Associated ...
By The Associated Press
Pakistan's military says it has removed the regional head of a paramilitary force after a video surfaced that appeared to show his men killing an unarmed teenager. State media reported that a top police official also was ousted over the ...
Examiner AP RSS
Instapundit » Blog Archive » MICHAEL WALSH: Pakistan's Double Game….
By Glenn Reynolds
June 13, 2011. MICHAEL WALSH: Pakistan's Double Game. Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 10:33 pm. Tweet · RSS Feed · Podcast RSS Feed · Email Instapundit. Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc! Making even the dumbest sh** interesting! ...
Pakistan's Bible Ban | FrontPage Magazine
By Frank Crimi
Pakistan's Islamist party, Jamiat-Ulema-e-Islami (JUI), has petitioned to have the Bible banned from Pakistan because it violates the nation's notorious blasphemy laws. The move by the JUI is just the latest episode in the ongoing and ...
FrontPage Magazine

Web2 new results for pakistan
Panetta tries to repair strained relations with Pakistan - CNN
In Pakistan to repair damaged relations, CIA Director Leon Panetta urged top officials to step up efforts to hunt militants operating within its borders as ...
Suspected suicide bombing kills 34 in Pakistan | Reuters
PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) - At least 34 people were killed in a suspected suicide bombing in the Pakistani city of Peshawar late Saturday, ...

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