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Pakistan: Officer Who Helped CIA Wasn't Detained
A Western official in Pakistan confirmed that five Pakistanis were detained in connection with the May 2 raid by US Navy SEALs on the compound in Abbottabad, 30 miles northeast of Islamabad. But at a news conference, Pakistani army spokesman Maj. Gen. ...
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Pakistan's female madrassas breed radicalism
"If people ... call themselves Muslims and they are members of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, then they should not be criticizing this law," she said. "I am sorry to say this, but this is what he deserved." Pakistan, a politically unstable ...
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Pakistan: 'U.S. Missile Strikes' Kill 10
By AP / ISHTIAQ MAHSUD and JON GAMBRELL Wednesday, June 15, 2011 (DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan and MAIDAN SHAR, Afghanistan) — US unmanned aircraft fired missiles at a suspected militant compound and a vehicle Wednesday in northwest Pakistan, ...
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Worst Countries For Women: Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India And Somalia
But nowhere more than in the five countries a Trustlaw expert poll identified as the world most dangerous countries to be a female in 2011: Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India, and Somalia," said Trustlaw. The 213 gender rights experts evaluated ...
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The other Kashmir
The Hindu
Photo: Shujaat Bukhari Impressions after a second visit to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. What is striking, though, is the strong support for India-Pakistan Confidence Building Measures. For a journalist working in Jammu and Kashmir, the Kashmir on the ...
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The Hindu
US suspicious of Pakistan's bomb facility leak to militants: Robert Gates
Washington, June 15(ANI): US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said Washington is disappointed and suspicious that militants in Pakistan were apparently tipped off that American intelligence officials had discovered two of their suspected bomb-making ...
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Look East for strategic depth
by Murtaza Razvi on June 15th, 2011 (6 hours ago) | Comments (23) The Americans are right when they tell our leaders not to play with public sentiment; that the Pakistan's government and the army are both in agreement with them on the need of drone ...
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Sonia Gandhi's fight against corruption is like Pak tackling terror: Nitin Gadkari
Daily News & Analysis
Place: Kolkata | Agency: PTI BJP President Nitin Gadkari today launched a scathing attack on Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, comparing her resolve to fight corruption to Pakistan saying it is combating terrorism. Gadkari's taunt quickly triggered a fresh ...
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Stand-off may end soon as Afridi meets Ijaz
By Mohammad Yaqoob | From the Newspaper LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), while confirming on Tuesday that a meeting was indeed held between its chairman Ijaz Butt and the disgruntled former ODI captain Shahid Afridi in Islamabad, ...
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Legislation endorsed: US panel seeks to limit Pakistan aid
The Express Tribune
PHOTO: REUTERS/ FILE A US House of Representatives panel on Tuesday approved a defence spending bill that would impose limits on American aid to Pakistan. The bill envisages the creation of a special bipartisan group to examine Washington's future role ...
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The Express Tribune

Blogs5 new results for pakistan
Pakistan Arrests Multiple C.I.A. Informants Involved In Bin Laden ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
WASHINGTON — Pakistan's intelligence service has arrested the owner of a safe house rented to the CIA to observe Osama bin Laden's compound before the U.S. raid that killed the al-Qaida leader, as well as a "handful" of other Pakistanis ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed
Why Pakistan's Ship Is Sinking | The Diplomat
By diplomat_admin
Pakistan's military under Army Chief Kayani has had a bad two months. Unless it rethinks its priorities, expect tactical gains to lead to strategic disaster.
The Diplomat
Pakistan Arrests CIA Informants | FrumForum
By FrumForum News
The New York Times reports: WASHINGTON — Pakistan's top military spy agency has arrested some of the Pakistani informants who fed information to.
Pakistan Arrests CIA Informants That Helped Us Find Bin Laden ...
By Julie Gerstein
In the weeks since bin Laden's death, the U.S. has been less than thrilled with Pakistan's support; deputy C.I.A. director Michael J. Morell rated its level of cooperation a three out of ten. And Tuesday's arrests are seen as another ...
Daily Intel
Pakistan didn't know about Bin Laden: Musharraf‎ – The Express Tribune
In an interview with CBC News Musharraf said he is certain there was no complicity with ISI.
The Express Tribune

Web1 new result for pakistan
Pakistan's General Problem | OPEN Magazine
How Pakistan's Generals turned the country into an international jihadi tourist resort.

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