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News10 new results for terrorism
Canadian's terrorism trial points to Pakistani double game
Tahawaher Rana was on trial in Chicago on charges of supporting terrorism, but it was his best friend, David Headley, who grabbed the attention of the international media and, no doubt, the US State Department. more » The world's biggest refugee camp ...
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'Disruption strategies' used to foil terrorism
Vancouver Sun
The cases all involved alleged criminal acts, typically terrorism, according to the force's 2011-12 plans and priorities report tabled in the House of Commons. Details about the individual cases were not offered. While the RCMP stresses criminal ...
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Info to Pak on terrorism compromised
Hindustan Times
PTI Top US officials shared with Pakistani army and ISI chiefs crucial intelligence about two insurgent bomb-making factories in the tribal areas, but the information was leaked and militants vacated the sites before a military action could be taken, ...
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China hopes further promotion of international anti-terrorism cooperation
Philippine Star
BEIJING, June 11 -- Chinese President Hu Jintao said Friday that China is ready to work with all relevant parties to push for new progress in international anti-terrorism cooperation. Hu made the remark in a written interview with reporters from ...
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Terrorism must be defeated for regional peace: Karzai, Zardari
International News Network
A wide spectrum of issues including Pak-Afghan ties, war against terrorism, security situation in the region, dialogue with Taliban for the sake of peace in Afghanistan, Pak-Afghan transit trade and prevention of illegal movement in border areas ...
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Family of terrorism suspect reacts with disbelief
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Duran Dini, a relative of Ahmed Hussein Mahamud, translated for Mahamud's mother, Dhaqan Warsame. Warsame said her son could not be guilty of supporting a group linked to Al-Qaida. The family of a former Eden Prairie man accused of helping a terrorist ...
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US counter-terrorism chief to quit
Times of India
PTI | Jun 10, 2011, 07.46pm IST WASHINGTON: America's top counter-terrorism official Michael Leiter will quit next month, adding to the turmoil at the top levels of President Barack Obama's national security team. Leiter, the director of the National ...
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Republicans in the US House of Representatives talk tough on terrorism. So we can find no explanation - other than irresponsibility - for their vote to slash financing for eight antiterrorist programs. Unless the Senate repairs the damage, ...
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100% Scared: How the National Security Complex Grows on Terrorism Fears
But our obsession with 100% safety from terrorism is fueling the military-industrial complex. Sign up to stay up to date on the latest Food headlines via email. Without warning, the network -- a set of terrorist super cells -- struck in northern ...
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Australians think the war on terrorism is failing
Razors Edge
A study conducted just after Osama Bin Laden's death has revealed that most Australians believe the war on terrorism is failing. At a time when we might expect a sense of closure, in fact of the people surveyed, only twenty per cent are confident the ...
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Blogs2 new results for terrorism
Guns, Terrorism and Political Expediency : Dispatches from the ...
By Ed Brayton none@example.com
Rachel Maddow had a report on a new Al Qaeda tape urging followers to use America's lax gun laws, particularly the infamous gun show loophole, which allows people to buy guns without even a background check, to get weapons with...
ScienceBlogs Channel : Politics
Fighting Terrorism in Paradise | The Diplomat
By J. Berkshire Miller
Desperate to maintain its image as a tourist paradise, the Maldives is boosting co-operation with regional partners to combat the threat of militants.
The Diplomat

Web1 new result for terrorism
Chicago businessman guilty in terrorism trial - US news - Security ...
A U.S. jury Thursday found a Pakistani-born Chicago businessman guilty of conspiring to attack a Danish newspaper and supporting an Islamic militant group ...

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