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News10 new results for terrorism
Indonesia Cleric Bashir Sentenced to 15 Years for Terrorism
By Femi Adi June 16 (Bloomberg) -- Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir today was found guilty of funding terrorism and sentenced to 15 years in prison, five years after his acquittal for links to bombings that killed 202 people in the Bali tourist ...
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US Steps Up Anti-Terrorism Efforts in Yemen
Voice of America
Photo: AP The Central Intelligence Agency is said to be stepping up its counter-terrorism efforts in Yemen. Several print and broadcast news outlets say the CIA will be increasing the use of armed drone aircraft against terrorist targets in Yemen. ...
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Two indicted in alleged New York terrorism plot
By Chris Boyette, CNN New York (CNN) -- A Manhattan grand jury indicted two men Wednesday on multiple terrorism charges in connection with a terror plot against New York synagogues. The men were arrested in May, marking the end of a seven-month ...
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Britain protests arrest of BBC reporter on Tajik terrorism charges
Monsters and Critics.com
Dushanbe/Moscow - The British government on Thursday protested the detention of a BBC journalist by Tajik authorities for alleged links to a terrorist group. 'We are concerned by reports that Urunbay Usmonov, a BBC journalist based in Khujand in ...
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Congressman says prison Muslim conversions increase terrorism risk
The Republic
By Elaine S. Povich Newsday House Homeland Security Committee chairman Rep. Peter King said Wednesday that efforts to convert American prisoners to a perverse form of the Muslim faith have created "an assembly line of radicalization" that has increased ...
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Austrian police arrest four suspected of terrorism
The Express Tribune
By AFP VIENNA: Austrian police have arrested four people suspected of terrorism, including three who were on their way to training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the interior ministry announced Thursday. The three recruits were arrested Wednesday ...
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The Express Tribune
Law agencies collaborate in anti-terrorism training
Columbus Dispatch
By Kathy Lynn Gray The SWAT team from the Washington County sheriff's office takes part in a training operation focused on safeguarding gas pipelines and the transportation system. The exercise lasted all day yesterday and covered 5000 square miles in ...
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Columbus Dispatch
Terrorism: Al-Zawahiri named Al-Qaeda head
Adnkronos International English
16 June (AKI) - Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri was named as Osama Bin Laden's successor as the head of Al-Qaeda, according to a statement allegedly released by the terror group's command. Al-Qaeda "announces that Sheikh Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri, may God guide ...
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Adnkronos International English
Pak will lose US aid if it fails to fulfill counter-terrorism promises: Editorial
Islamabad, June 16(ANI): If Pakistan wants billions of dollars worth of American aid to it to continue, it needs to stop trying to fool the world, and deliver on the counter-terrorism promises that it has made in the past, says an editorial. ...
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Congress looks to protect trains from terrorism
Capitol News Connection
Monday's Metrorail bomb scare at the Rockville station gave lawmakers on Capitol Hill fresh cause to grill transportation officials about security, as terrorist attacks on trains and buses continue to rise. Mary Kay Mallonee reports from Washington. ...
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Blogs2 new results for terrorism
PhotoBlog - Radical Indonesian cleric convicted of inciting terrorism
By PhotoBlog
Abu Bakar Bashir's conviction for incitement of terrorism followed two unsuccessful attempts by prosecutors over the past eight years to link him to terror activities, including a conviction that was later overturned in the Bali attacks ...
Newsvine - PhotoBlog - Articles
4 arrested on terrorism charges in Vienna | The Associated Press ...
By The Associated Press
Austrian police have arrested four men suspected of involvement in a terrorist organization that is committed to founding a "religious fundamentalist society" in Afghanistan and responsible for attacks there.
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Web1 new result for terrorism
YouTube - Islamic cultural terrorism
Police covered up violent campaign to turn London area Islamic ...

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