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News9 new results for terrorism
Holder Presses Case for Using Civilian Courts to Try Terrorism Suspects
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Evan Perez The Obama administration has been on the defensive for two years over terrorism military trials and the Guantanamo Bay prison. Attorney General Eric Holder is trying to draw the line in the sand on the administration's retreat. ...
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Islamic cleric convicted on terrorism charges
San Francisco Chronicle
A leading radical Islamic cleric the United States had pressed Indonesia to prosecute for the past decade was convicted Thursday after a four-month trial on terrorism charges. The cleric, Abu Bakar Bashir, 72, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for ...
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Britain Admits Failure of Anti-Terrorism Program
FrontPage Magazine
After the 7/7 bombings on the London subway in 2005, the UK launched a 63 million pound program to combat terrorism. The program, named "PREVENT", was recently reviewed. Subsequently, Britain's Home Secretary, Theresa May, admitted that the program had ...
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FrontPage Magazine
Terrorism in UK: myths and reality
The Voice of Russia
Prevent should remain an integral part of our counter-terrorism strategy, CONTEST, a full update of which we will be publishing later this summer. Its aim should be to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.Prevent should address all ...
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The Voice of Russia
Terrorism not on talks agenda: Pakistan
The Hindu
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Thursday indicated that terrorism was not part of the agenda for the Foreign Secretary-level engagement with India that was expected to take place this month. The focus would be on Jammu and Kashmir, peace and security, ...
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"Wish list" of potential terrorism targets shows up on Jihadi web forum
A list of potential terror targets that included the names of individuals in US government, industry and the media was posted on jihadi Web forums, according to a US FBI intelligence bulletin, CNN reported. One of the sites, Ansar al-Mujahideen, ...
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EU and Pakistan need to work together to combat terrorism
The Express Tribune
By Peer Muhammad EU Commissioner for Development says Pakistan's role in S Asia and the world is on top of its political agenda. European Union stands by Pakistan, a country that has suffered the most in its struggle against extremist and terror ...
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The Express Tribune
Cyber terrorism
Sin Chew Jit Poh
It has raised an alarm of cyber security and shown the rise of cyber terrorism. The Internet accelerates business transactions and information distribution. It has established a global village and encouraged economic development and cultural exchanges. ...
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Kashmiris facing state terrorism: Mirwaiz
Kashmir Media Service
Addressing a public gathering in Srinagar, today, the APC Chairman said that it was known to the entire world now that the innocent people of Kashmir were facing the worst state terrorism unleashed by India. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq referring to the latest ...
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Blogs4 new results for terrorism
Arguing, Again, Over Terrorism Trials - NYTimes.com
Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and Senator Mitch McConnell disagree publicly about where to prosecute terrorism suspects captured on American soil.
The Caucus
Neil Boortz Calls For Acts of Domestic Terrorism | Crooks and Liars
By karoli
Neil Boortz went on a rant over crime in Atlanta and managed to completely lose his cookies. The end is particularly debased. BOORTZ: You know what? I, for one, am tired of putting up with this crap. And you want to know why I moved out ...
Crooks and Liars
Israel uses terrorism fears to steal money from Palestinians — RT
Tax and customs fees collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority are supposed to be used to pay wages. However, Israel has refused to hand over the cash on several occasions, saying it could be used to fund terrorist attacks.
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Islamic Cultural Terrorism | FaithFreedom.org
By editor
Islamic Cultural Terrorism ... Islamic Cultural Terrorism · Teachings of the Koran – Part 1 · The Case of Fatima Abdallah – IV · The Case of Fatima Abdallah – III · The Case of Fatima Abdallah – II · The Case of Fatima Abdallah – I ...

Web1 new result for terrorism
Central Asian Terrorism: An Emerging Threat to U.S. Security | The ...
The U.S. must reenergize its engagement with Central Asian countries to prevent terrorism from taking hold in Kazakhstan and in the region.

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