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News10 new results for terrorism
Foreign Secretary Rao to take up terrorism, 26 /11 trial despite Pak objection
By Naveen Kapoor New Delhi, June 19: India will raise its concerns on terrorism and the glacial pace of the 26/11 Mumbai trial with Pakistan during next week's Foreign Secretary-level talks, government sources have said. Government sources said: "There ...
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Give 'Em Hill: Of turnips and kitchen-counter terrorism
San Jose Mercury News
By Angela Hill When I was growing up, my dad rarely did the cooking in our household, which was probably a good thing because his idea of the perfect dining experience was standing at the kitchen sink eating sardines out of the can. ...
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New UN sanctions list to strengthen fight against terrorism
Jerusalem Post
By JORDANA HORN, JPOST CORRESPONDENT Two new UN resolution, 1988, 1989 will "allow council to custom-tailor and strengthen response" to Taliban, al-Qaida. NEW YORK – The United Nations Security Council adopted two resolutions on Friday creating a new ...
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International terrorism and ISI
The News International
The attacks on the ISI in the foreign media are becoming frequent though not surprising. The agency is known for many successful operations in its short history. For example, it successfully ousted the Soviets from Afghanistan with funds and weapons ...
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Couple linked to terrorism to be deported to US
Daily Nation
Police are questioning him and another accomplice in connection with terrorism activities in Africa. By ANTHONY KITIMO Two people being held by the police in Mombasa for allegedly being major financiers of terrorism activities will be deported to the ...
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Daily Nation
Fighting terrorism: Rabbani proposes new anti-terror paradigm
The Express Tribune
Rabbani has also called for amendments in the Anti-Terrorist Act, 1997, identification of internal and external terrorist groups and acting to restrain them from exporting terrorism. Concerned over the political imbroglio and the deteriorating security ...
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The Express Tribune
UK issues Terrorism alert in Countries including Somalia
The Foreign Office advice now states: "Like other large European countries, the French/German authorities continue to consider that there is a high threat of terrorism. Mogadishu (Sunatimes) United Kingdom Foreign Office has warned that there was a ...
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Oromia/Ethiopia: OLF Reiterates Anti-Terrorism Stance, Calls Zenawi's Latest ...
Gadaa.com Oduu - News
Earlier they [TPLF] fabricated a couple of agendas to divert public attention, including the Growth and Transformation Programe and the Abay (Nile) Dam Construction. It looks both agendas are failing badly; and the people are questioning the motive. ...
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Terrorism: Nigeria signs security pact with US
Daily Sun
By UCHE USIM Nigeria has signed an in-flight security agreement with the United States of America to fortify its borders in the wake of renewed terrorist attacks. The pact involves the deployment of in-flight security officers/Air Marshals, ...
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Terror suspects can be tried right here
Lexington Herald Leader
Contrary to what four of our state's top politicians would have you believe, a pair of terrorism suspects arrested in Bowling Green can be tried here without harming Kentuckians. In fact, a decade of experience tells us that conceding to Senate ...
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Blogs2 new results for terrorism
Moonbattery: Pat Condell on Islamic Cultural Terrorism
By Dave Blount
Islam is evil not only by conservative values, but according to the values liberals claim to hold as well. This makes the collusion of liberal authorities in Islamic cultural terrorism all the more unforgivable. Pat Condell cuts through ...
Two new items « All Things Counter Terrorism
By Leah Farrall, Australia
A blog focussing on all things terrorism and counter terrorism with an occasional foray into the world of insurgency. Home · Bio and contact details · My dialogue with Abu Walid al Masri · Old and new in the relationship of the Taliban ...
All Things Counter Terrorism

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