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News9 new results for terrorism
Obama faces criticism from all sides for terrorism suspect's offshore ...
Globe and Mail
After holding a Somali terrorism suspect for two months on a US warship, the Obama administration secretly flew him to New York for trial in a civilian court, leaving both rights groups and Congress infuriated. The clandestine imprisonment at sea ...
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Globe and Mail
WALTHAMSTOW: Residents charged "terrorism premium"
East London and West Essex Guardian Series
By Jonathan Bunn » RESIDENTS are being forced to pay a premium on their home insurance due to a perceived threat of terrorism. Freehold Managers Plc has notified leaseholders of Warner flats that they must pay an £68 due to the foiled plot in 2006 to ...
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US: Federal Prosecution of Terrorism Suspect Furthers Justice
Reuters AlertNet
(Washington, DC) - The Obama administration's decision to prosecute a Somali terrorism suspect apprehended abroad in federal court demonstrates the importance of US civilian courts in countering terrorism, Human Rights Watch said today. ...
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Joint Maritime Training Combats Terrorism
At those units, Coast Guardsmen conduct many special-assignment missions, such as anti-terrorism, anti-piracy and drug interdiction operations. "The potential is there to use these skills in a real-life situation," said Phill Hanson, ...
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The domino effect of terrorism
The Express Tribune (blog)
The survey also indicated that seven to nine per cent of the children have developed various phobias due to exposure to terrorism related violence on television. The report corroborates a general feeling prevalent among the people of Khyber ...
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The Express Tribune (blog)
Retrial for terrorism handbook accused
Sydney Morning Herald
THE allegations against Belal Khazaal, a former Sydney airport baggage handler accused of writing a 'do-it-yourself' terrorism handbook, are ''pathetic'' and like being charged for ''writing graffiti on a wall'', his barrister said yesterday. ...
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Sydney Morning Herald
Michele Bachmann's First Ad Pledges Economic Terrorism on Debt Ceiling
Death and Taxes
... tax rate for any company that produces anything in America. Behind the warm smile voters should see Bachmann's promise for what it really is: a pledge of economic terrorism that could destroy America's financial well-being. Solid campaign platform!
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Cuban 5: Terrorism, Spies, and American Justice
In the letter, Castro reportedly states, "If you really want to do so, you can put a stop to this new form of terrorism. It is impossible to stop this terrorism without United States involvement . . . Unless it is stopped now, in the future any country ...
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The Edge of Terrorism
The Cutting Edge
These multi-man armed attacks in Kabul were true acts of terrorism—attacks conducted for their symbolic propaganda value—and not acts conducted to be tactically significant from a military standpoint. When taken together, these less than spectacular ...
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The Cutting Edge

Blogs2 new results for terrorism
White Collar Hippies: Terrorism | Ads of the World™
By ivan
White Collar Hippies: Terrorism. Average: Select rating, Give it 1/10, Give it 2/10, Give it 3/10, Give it 4/10, Give it 5/10, Give it 6/10, Give it 7/10, Give it 8/10, Give it 9/10, Give it 10/10. Your rating: None Average: 4.4 (8 ...
Ads of the World™
White Collar Hippies: Terrorism, Sea Level, Nuclear
By Filippo
the best selection about advertising and marketing around the globe, updated daily. A point of reference for advertising professionals and advertising agencies.
I Believe in Advertising | ONLY...

Web1 new result for terrorism
Assimilation's Failure, Terrorism's Rise – NYTimes.com - Abigail R ...
Finally, someone else gets it. The entire premise of my book, Radical State,is based on these very words from Kenan Malik in today's Times: In Britain, ...

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