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News10 new results for terrorism
End of Terrorism? So What?
Christian Post (blog)
Does that indicate great planning on the part of those battling terrorism? Most likely. However, when we examine these killings—and Mr. Panetta's declaration—in light of the predictions of the Bible, we can then see there is a much bigger picture to ...
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New chief bishop equated RH bill with terrorism
Manila Standard Today
by Joyce Pangco Pañares CATHOLIC bishops on Saturday voted as their leader a colleague who once likened the supporters of family planning to terrorists. The election of Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma to the presidency of the Catholic Bishops Conference of ...
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A one-man mission to stop homegrown Somali terrorism in US
The Seattle Times
Many mosques, elected officials and even law-enforcement agencies have hesitated to address the radicalization of a small percentage of US Muslims, because the focus on homegrown jihad is considered either the next front in the war on terrorism or an ...
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Yemen's president meets with top US anti-terrorism official
"He confirmed that Yemen needs to be supported and assisted to promote economic and development fields so as to reduce poverty and unemployment, which represent a fertile environment of terrorism," Saba reported.
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Uganda President Calls For More Support To Tackle Somali Terrorism
KAMPALA -(Dow Jones)- Uganda's president said Monday he wants the international community to give African Union peacekeeping troops in war-torn Somalia more support in air and maritime operations capabilities to help tackle terrorism. ...
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Stun Gun Found on Plane in Newark, NJ: Link to Terrorism?
Was the 10:20 pm flight a test run for terrorism? One of the planes used in the attacks on September 11 flew out of Boston. A cleaning crew found the stun gun in the seat back of a JetBlue plane's passenger seat, reports NJ.com. ...
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Terrorism and insurance: Booming business?
The Express Tribune
By Nadir Hassan Is this a blessing or have we accepted that terrorism is here to stay?. DESIGN: JAMAL KHURSHID Advertisments for the National Bank of Pakistan's Protection Shield insurance scheme dot the city. The banners promise that people will be ...
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The Express Tribune
Gadkari to focus on Pak-sponsored terrorism at London convention of OFBJP
Gadkari will outline the BJP philosophy and focus on the fast deteriorating security scenario in South Asia with special emphasis on Pakistan-sponsored terrorism against India at the first ever Convention of the OFBJP on July 16, which has assumed ...
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COUNTER-TERRORISM: Heroin Flees Afghanistan For A Safer Home
Strategy Page
Islamic terrorism (Taliban and similar outfits) is staying alive because of this drug production and smuggling. In a relationship that has been used many times before (Colombia, Burma), the drug gangs pay the religious or political rebels for security ...
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Government asks Jewish groups to join in anti-terrorism campaign
By Lisa J. Huriash, Sun Sentinel "They are a community that has been specifically targeted for ideological" reasons, said John Cohen, a principal deputy counter-terrorism coordinator for the Department of Homeland Security. He referred to two shootings ...
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Blogs3 new results for terrorism
Indigenous resistance is the new 'terrorism' — War in Context
By News Source
So today's "terrorism" might just look like indigenous peoples peacefully taking over the streets, with their ancestral knowledge and values, to demand environmental and social rights. In Ecuador, "terrorists" are indigenous peoples ...
War in Context
International Law Reporter: Bianchi & Naqvi: International ...
By Jacob Katz Cogan
Andrea Bianchi (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies - Law) & Yasmin Naqvi (International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia) have published International Humanitarian Law and Terrorism (Hart Publishing ...
International Law Reporter
No progress in 18 key terrorism cases: Report – The Express Tribune
Out of a total of 1719 witnesses, only 238 witnesses have been examined so far.
The Express Tribune

Web2 new results for terrorism
Terrorism! | Ian Campbell | Safehaven.com
Yesterday evening it was all over both the American and Canadian news that Al Qaeda was thought to have developed a way to place explosives in the stomach ...
Terrorism suspect: Terrorism suspect Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame held ...
A Somali militant linked to Al Qaeda was held and interrogated for two months on a U.S. Navy ship — the first publicly known example of the Obama ...

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