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Google Alert - terrorism

News10 new results for terrorism
Warning of rise in cyber-terrorism
The Independent
Al-Qa'ida has explicitly called for "cyber-jihad" and there have been a series of attempts by terrorists to "invade" Facebook, the Government's new counter-terrorism strategy said today. Terrorists are increasingly using online technology to plan and ...
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NI terrorism 'increasing threat'
BBC News
The threat from Northern Ireland-related terrorism to Great Britain has increased, the government's new counter-terrorism strategy says. The strategy concentrates on international terrorism and potential threats to the Olympic Games. ...
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BBC News
Federal government isn't touching Arkansas terrorism case
Los Angeles Times
Either way, Muhammad could become the first person sentenced to death in the US for an act of terrorism — even if that is not the charge — since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Muhammad, 24, born Carlos Bledsoe in Memphis, Tenn., has a profile that is ...
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Los Angeles Times
How is anti-abortion violence not terrorism?
Slate Magazine (blog)
By Amanda Marcotte I'm unclear on why the word "terrorism" continues to be taboo in articles such as this one by AG Sulzberger in the New York Times. The article is a profile of Dr. Mila Means, a doctor who has---somewhat incorrectly---been identified ...
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Fighting terrorism is in our national interest: Commanders Conference
The News International
RAWALPINDI: The 140th Corps Commanders' Conference was held at General Headquarters on Tuesday and reiterated that the resolve to fight terrorism was in our own national interest and should be fought using our own resources. Chief of Army Staff (COAS) ...
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Muttahida condemns terrorism by Lyari gangsters
The News International
The Coordination Committee of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has denounced unabated terrorism at the hands of criminals involved in the Lyari gang war against Kutchis and other communities living in Lyari and adjoining areas. ...
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New Fiction Reveals the Inner Workings of Terrorism
PR Web (press release)
According to an article written in The Independent, Bush's "War on Terror" has unknowingly bred more contempt and made terrorism a thriving business. In his new book, Terrorist Inc., author Kent Hammond tells a tale of the dangers and enemies who ...
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Stuxnet: Can an act of digital terrorism be justified?
By Greg Crowe At the beginning of last year, Iran's uranium enrichment facility near Nantanz started replacing centrifuges 20 times more frequently than the expected rate. The inspectors with the International Atomic Energy Agency didn't have any idea ...
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Casey Anthony Is Now a Justification for Our Terrorism Policy
Jim Newell — No one likes to talk about this particular sphere of gridlock in American public life anymore, but let's rehash it for old time's sake: Why can't we try terrorism suspects in US criminal courts instead of Guantanamo military commissions? ...
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EU and US must work closely on counter-terrorism
One example of the innovative approach of the GGP was a sequence of events on European Union and United States counter-terrorism policies in mid-March 2011. Key European and US policy-makers, top-level officials from the United Nations and from ...
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Blogs2 new results for terrorism
Reds' terrorism case to start in June next year
The Nation - Thailand's most updated English news website, Breaking news,Thai politics news, Dubai meeting has no linkage to cabinet formation, yingluck shinawatra, thai prime minister, abhisit, thai cabinet formation, Business update ...
NationMultimedia.com - topstories
Why We Don't Call It Terrorism
By Adam Serwer
I don't know about arrests, but certainly American Muslim groups have gotten the message that anything remotely resembling a justification of terrorism or the underlying political critiques adopted by terrorists will draw suspicion. ...
Adam Serwer

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